Carefully qualified and briefed specialist telecoms PR consultancies in New York in preparation for the launch of Gemini.

Mark Stewart

Head of Marketing, Gemini - Cable & Wireless

Researched and identified target niche markets to support the launch of two digital TV channels.

Helen Pilkington

Media Finance Consultant

Produced detailed market research that enabled us to make informed product design decisions.

Lawrence Reed

Senior Consultant, IMCG Group

Devised and implemented 16 new airline route launches using intelligence, flair and imagination

Bob Isted

AIG Aviation

Developed a market research programme designed to monitor all aspects of internal communications, over time. The resulting data will assist the department with the planning and development of the PCTV channel and will also prepare the way for future benchmarking.

Anna Orr

Department for Education and Skills

Developed ideas for promoting the Virtual University and produced a body of interesting case studies to raise its profile, making the project a resounding success.

Angela Torrington

Virtual University, Cable & Wireless

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