Industry Reports

The Brief

To produce three market research reports, which provide an understanding of the market dynamics of the following financial card market & related product markets:

  • Interest free credit retail market
  • Credit instalment market
  • Trade card market for DIY and building industry
  • Business credit and charge card market


  1. The business credit and charge card market.
    Identifying the main benefits of these cards to businesses and corporations, the benefits to employees and the diversification in the market to online business trading. Reporting on market size, products on offer, customer proposition and company selection procedure.
  2. A market analysis and product review of the trade card market for the DIY and building industry.
    The report makes recommendations, identifies market segments, industry trends, DIY expansion plans, trade observations, buyer behaviour and customer loyalty schemes.
  3. A market analysis and product review of the retail credit market in the UK.
    The report contains an analysis of the overall market, identification of profiling techniques, sub-prime lending, online credit agreements, interest free credit, fixed term interest bearing credit, store cards, retail finance recent mergers, current loan offers in the DIY market, consumer dynamics and buyer behaviour.

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