Department for Education and Skills

The Brief

To devise a working market research document which contains detail on how to:

  • Review the current vehicles for internal communications
  • Propose methods to collect evidence of campaign effectiveness
  • Initiate ongoing evaluation
  • Prepare the way for benchmarking


Developed a market research plan to monitor all methods of internal communication currently used by the DfES. These include ‘Staying Ahead PC TV’, newsroom, plasma screens, teamleader bulletins, and the ‘Prism Portal’.

The plan incorporates both qualitative and quantitative techniques and runs for one year. It also prepares the way for benchmarking and will provide data suitable for comparison with a benchmarking partner.

The Department for Education and Skills aims to give children an excellent start in education, enable young people to equip themselves with life and work skills, and encourage adults to achieve their full potential through learning


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